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How To Recover from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Other Environmental Illnesses

In honor of the upcoming MCA awareness month in May, we have asked Debra Lynn Dadd to write a guest post about her personal battle with MCS and more importantly discuss her road map on How To Recover from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) (MCS) and Other Environmental Illnesses.For those who are unfamiliar with Debra’s work, it is quite remarkable. Debra Lynn Dadd brings more than thirty years of research and real-life experience to her work as a consumer advocate for health and the environment. The author of Toxic Free, Debra was the first to alert consumers to the toxic chemicals present in everyday household products and reveal both the short- and long-term health effects, as well as safe alternatives. The following post was written as a road map for Debra Recovery and offers great insight on removing toxic exposure from your environment to lead a healthy life. Recovering from Multiple Chemical SensitivitiesIn 1978 I had the worst experience of my life. At the young age of twen…

How to Reduce Your Chemical Exposure in A New Home

Hidden Dangers of Moving into a Newly Built HomeMoving into a brand-new home may seem like a dream come true—fewer maintenance issues to worry about, and nothing needs to be updated. A newly built home may not be all its cracked up to be, however. Recently built or remodeled homes can pose many health concerns, the majority of which involves exposures to indoor toxins that you and you family may not be aware of.Can a New Home Make You Sick?Many families opt to move into a brand new house versus purchasing an older one. Being a part of deciding what kind of features your dream home will have from the ground up can be very exciting. The final product of new construction appears clean, unworn, and contemporary. A lot of people get caught up in the lure of designing a new home, however, and don’t consider the health consequences and toxic exposures that can come along with construction or remodeling.Often, residents of newly built homes begin to feel ill within days of moving in. In a Gre…