What is the History of Toxic Mold?

Toxic mold syndrome refers to a condition where one has been exposed to harmful mycotoxins produced by molds, which are a type of fungi that grow in moist and improperly ventilated areas. Prolonged exposure to these toxins could lead to physical impairment and possibly death.When Were Toxic Molds Discovered?Toxic molds are an ancient thing, dating as far back as biblical times. They would grow on stones inside or outside houses and were a feared sight. Once discovered in or outside a house, the stones on which they grew would be taken and thrown outside the city. Sometimes, the dismantling of a house would occur to get rid of the stone. Its occupants also had to clean themselves for fear of contaminating other things or people around.Discover of Stachybotrys Chartarum in the 19th CenturyComing to the 19th century, a mold was discovered by a mycologist known as Carl Joseph Corda. He found it growing in a house in the capital city of Czech Republic. According to Carl, it was a greenish …

What Are The Main Differences Between Mold and Mildew?

Mildew and mold are both fungi, which are common in most homes. These types of fungi do well in environments that are moist and easily spread and thrive on numerous surfaces, thus making it difficult to get rid of them. However, if mildew and mold are left unattended, they can adversely affect large portions of a property. In fact, they might even result in structural damage and health problems.These two kinds of fungi might share certain features but they respond differently to treatment and pose different kinds of risk. Before we get started, if you are looking for a solution, the EnviroKlenz UV Model is one of the best air cleaners for mold and mildew .Main Differences Between Mold and MildewIt is important to understand the various differences between mildew and mold in order to use efficient cleaning strategies that will guarantee the safety of any kind of living and working environment. Some of the differences are as follows:Mildew is a specific kind of mold. The mold is a type …

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Sick building syndrome is also known as building-related illness, environmental illness, or multiple chemical sensitivity. Clinicians consider it to be an illness that people suffer from when they are exposed to undefined physical, biological, or chemical agents that are located in a building.This term was first used in the year 1986 when the illness was recognized. However, the term is used a lot more in medical literature nowadays. It is mostly attributed to indoor air quality that is poor. Its diagnosis is challenging because of the wide variety of symptoms that mimic other medical conditions.What Are the Syndromes of Sick Building Syndrome?Sick building syndrome can affect an individual’s neurological, respiratory, and skin systems. That is why most people mistakenly self-diagnose themselves with flu or cold. Some of the possible symptoms of the syndrome are as follows:-Chills
-Body aches
-Difficulty concentrating

Can You Get Tested for Mold Allergies?

To many people, allergies can be the bane of their existence. Their symptoms prevent many of us to function properly during our day. Although most of them are non life-threatening, we still want to live a life without them. Fortunately, there are many things we can do in order to avoid suffering from its symptoms and they always start with identifying what you are allergic to.There are many types of allergies and mold allergy is one of them. It is caused by the spores produced by fungi that can grow indoors or outdoors. What sets mold apart from other allergens is that it can be anywhere. You can’t see it. Unlike a peanut butter allergy where you just have to avoid all kinds of foods that contain it, it is not easily prevented.If you’ve been suffering from allergic reaction symptoms but can’t seem to pinpoint the culprit, you may have mold allergies. How will you know for sure? Is it possible to test mold allergies?The answer is yes!How Can You Test For Mold Allergies?Mold allergies c…

Wildfire Smokes Effects on Air Quality & the Concerns to Your Health

Air quality is often not a topic of great concern – although recently the concern in relation to air quality has become magnified with the devastating wildfires that have occurred in California. This year’s disastrous wildfire season, specifically in California, have caused hazardous air conditions across the state. The Mendocino Complex Fire, one of the largest wildfires in California’s history, spanning over 180,000 acres has had an overwhelming impact on air quality in the region! The impact on air quality in the affected areas and in most of California is at levels that they have never seen before. Just take a look at the Environmental Protection Agency’s  air quality map of California and you will be able to see for yourself the scary impacts to the air quality in California caused by these roaring wildfires.California Wildfires: What to Know About These Natural DisastersWildfires are mainly driven by the temperature and moisture levels in the environment. Therefore, wildfires us…

When Does A Freshly Painted Room Stop Smelling?

Painting or repainting a house is one of the most common ways of adding color and improving the ambiance of a room. However, one drawback of using paint is the smell it leaves in the rooms where it has been applied. Other than the fact that the smell itself is quite pungent and unpleasing, the chemical compounds in the vapor that is released are harmful to one’s health especially for those with weak immune systems.What Causes The Pungent Smell Of Paint?With that in mind, the question that pops up is the cause of this particular… SMELL!The answer to this has to do with some compounds found in paint that are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). As the name suggests, these are compounds that are volatile which means that they easily evaporate into the atmosphere. While most other things organic are known to have great benefits, VOCs are extremely harmful and are the cause of headaches and dizziness when you get into a recently painted room.The smell comes about when the VOCs that ar…

5 Methods to Clean Up and Eliminate Mold From Your Home!

Mold infestation is a critical problem facing many homeowners today. This disgusting fungus is either black or green and mostly thrives in poorly lit areas with inadequate ventilation. Molds pose a constant menace for people living in a humid climate.Molds are known to release a musty and unpleasant odor that may lead to detrimental impacts on everyone in your household. If left unchecked, they can trigger allergies and asthma attacks on persons who are vulnerable to these conditions. Identifying mold isn’t tricky but we have an in-depth guide to identifying symptoms of mold in your home. If you’re wondering how to clean up and eliminate mold from your house, this article snippet is designed for you.5 Methods to Clean Up and Eliminate Mold From Your House:You are advised to clean up and eliminate molds as soon as you notice their infestation. Mold exposure comes with a ton of health implications, and it may not be easy to determine whether or not the symptoms are a result of contact w…